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My Family,


I often find myself alone and pondering where you are.  Many of you I see several times a week and some—just fleeting glimpses on rare occasions.  Even as each moment passes, I miss you more and more.


At first you were just shadows, passed in desperation.  Yet now, parts of me-each face imprinted in my memory-each voice echoing in my heart.


Its cold outside now, and as I sit here in my warm solace an utter sense of panic and shame befalls me.  I fear for you– your shivering now and how I wish I could do more to keep you warm and help you on your path.  My heart breaks at the thought of the cold concrete pressed against your skin.


I started in this world not knowing you-yet now, I can never forget you.  My family, you have grown over the years.  I feel blessed to have this one moment in time to just let you know how much I love you. Thank you for being a part of me–


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